Business Economics / Marketing

We seek one student in business economics which we define as marketing, investment analysis, budgeting and business strategy. Why? Before we collaborate with partners we analyse by means of WTP the investments risks and business strategies. We have developed a number of games which conceptually belong to each other. We sell separate games and want to sell them in a suite.

Willingness-to-Pay analysis

  • We need to know de WTP of the suite in relations to licenses (one, two, three years) and so on.
  • You may collaborate with the students of theme User Experience.
  • It is a straightforward WTP research project in the dynamic domain of health care.
  • Knowledge of marketing strategy (Porter, Treacy & Wiersema, Blue Ocean), Quantitative Modelling and Qualitative methods are required.

You must be

  • You must have great rates for the knowledge we seek.
  • We need people that can proof an entrepreneurial attitude AND perseverance AND love serendipity.
  • You must be playful.

We offer

  • You participate in our projects: the real stuff.
    We bring coffee to you: we are interested in your brains and not your coffee fetch skills.
  • Excellent supervising coaches as references proof.
  • You will learn what you really like/dislike and what you really are good/bad at. These four realms (2 x 2) reveal your perspectives in life: boost what you like and you do well, and satisfy minimal needed level of what you dislike and do badly.
  • You will learn what it is to work and collaborate in a highly dynamic organization.
  • € 250 / month plus expenses.

Your application

  • No letter.
  • Only CV (max 2 pages) with profile (you as a person) and further relevant proofs of knowledge, skills, attitude, perseverance and serendipity.
  • Preferred starting date and end-data, requirements your organisation/department, your tutor.
  • Write to

Subject: Internship GSL reference Business economics/ marketing