Het internationale VR4REHAB team. De komende 3 jaar gaan we middels Hackatons, Gamejams en design sessies VR toepassingen ontwikkelen om onder meer voor peuters betere en snellere revalidatie mogelijk te maken. Trots om namens GameSolutionsLab deel van dit team uit te mogen maken. Het project is mogelijk gemaakt door Interreg NorthWest subsidie.


Project Summary

VR4Rehab in a nutshell

The VR4Rehab project specifically focuses on enabling the co-creation of Virtual Reality-based rehabilitation tools. By identifying and combining forces from SMEs active in the field of VR, Research Institute, clinics and patients VR4Rehab aims at creating a network in which the state-of-the-art VR-technology could meet the rehabilitation potential and thus answer to the needs of patients and of their therapists.

VR can help optimizing rehabilitation protocols, accelerating patients’ recovery, promoting treatment adherence and easing reintegration into daily life. VR4Rehab particularly addresses the rehabilitation of children affected by chronic diseases and disability, as well as adults stricken with fatigue and pain, providing them with challenging VR interventions.

Although VR technologies are widely diffused in several industries (gaming, training, etc.), there are not – up-to-now – tools specifically designed to provide lay persons with an environment that enables them and their therapists to safely extend rehabilitation extramurally.

VR4Rehab strategy: from ideas to applications

VR4Rehab aims are to establish an open, permanent co-creation platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration between SMEs and medical experts and to realize the innovation potential that emerges from the intersection of VR-technologies and the demand from rehabilitation clinics’ specialists and patients for modern protocols for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, by bringing together the relevant stakeholders and actively supporting their co-creation of VR-based rehabilitation tools.

The project foresees the organization of five hackathons (one per participation country), which could gather the expertise of entrepreneurs, patients, rehabilitation personnel and technical specialists; from each hackathon a long list of ideas concerning rehabilitation with VR will emerge. Game jams will deliver a short list of most favorable and feasible ideas, of which 5-6 ideas will be realized as a pilot and accompanied with strategic recommendations for implementation, as a result of the co-creation platform to be established permanently.

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